How to Make Money Blogging – Part 2

Now that we’ve covered the first step in creating your money blog, let’s dive in a little deeper into how to get started once you’ve figured out your blog topic.

When deciding whether to invest time in a blog it is important to think about how dedicated you will be and the expectations you have for your blog. Whether it’s just a recreational piece and you’re looking to just experiment and see what happens with it or if you are hoping it becomes a main source of income you want it to succeed. Whatever goal you have for your blog, you want visitors and you want to reach your goal. Your goal most likely being measured in traffic and in money. Well, one advantage in having a blog is it doesn’t take much capital to get started. Most bloggers didn’t spend much well over $15 to get started. All you really need for capital is to register a domain name (AND there are ways even around that) and hosting. Sure, there are free blogs around there, Squidoo comes to mind, but if you are looking to become an authority in your field, you’re going to want to spend the extra couple of bucks to register that domain name.

Ok, so you’ve thought about your topic, you’ve figured out your goals and expectations, you allocated this amount of time dedicated to your blog, now it’s time to really start taking action.

Registering a Domain Name

The first step after all of the planning is to register a domain name for your blog. Now, it should be relevant to your topic and also general so you can cover as much of a wide range of audience as possible. For example, this blog is Well, simple enough, when looking at this domain name you know that this blog is about well, Blogs. That’s exactly what you want to do with your domain name.

Another tip is you don’t want to have your domain name be too long or have a lot of dashes and other weird characters. Make it no longer than 4 words and have it directly related to your topic. Having a domain name that is “keyword specific” will help in the search engine rankings when trying to rank for keywords related to your topic.

Registering a domain name is easy and I recommending using GoDaddy to register the name. There you can search if your domain is available as well as provide you with alternatives if it is not available. Another tip, there are usually promo codes scattered on the web for GoDaddy domain registration, just do a quick Google search to save yourself an extra few bucks.

Hosting your Domain Name

After registering your domain name, you’re going to have to host it on a server. For this I recommend using All you need is the baby package for your needs. There are many videos and PDFs out there that explain how to host your domain name using HostGator. It shouldn’t take longer than a couple minutes to complete and once you do it, you’ll feel very accomplished!

Well, congratulations you are a proud owner of a new domain name and an official resident of the Internet community!

Next, we’ll teach you how to upload wordpress on your blog.

Thanks for reading! Til next time…

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How to Make Money Blogging – Part 1

So you want to learn how to make money blogging? Well, as you have probably come to conclude, everyone seems to know how to make money by blogging and they all have 5 steps or less to do it in. What nobody wants to tell you is that, there is no secret or magic bullet. And yes, it can be broken down into steps, but one important part must be emphasized. This won’t be a walk in the park and like all other things you get paid to do, you must work for it. You will go through hard work, failure, writer’s block, stress, and just plain frustration, but if done correctly and diligently, you can become part of the blogging working force and you can make money from blogging.

This will be a continuing post where I talk about what it takes to start a blog and how you can best make money blogging…

With that in mind, let’s start with the basics.

The Basics

By this point, you might be thinking, is blogging really a viable option to make money? How much can I make? How long will it take me to make my first $1? Those are all very reasonable questions to ask and quite frankly, that answer really varies. All you have to do is go to and search anything and see all the blogs created on the Internet. This proves that there is a demand for them and that there is also a supply. So obviously, people are making money. How much? Who knows, but there is money to be made.  It depends most on how hard you are willing to work and how valuable your information is to the world. Great blogs have great content. Simple as that. That point is very important to remember because when starting your blog, you want to create a blog on a top that interests you.

Deciding on your Blog Topic

There are a few basics to learn when starting a blog. And when one does start a blog, try to not think about the monetary aspect of the project. What you want to do is focus on what you like to write about and read up on, what interested you, what you are interested in learning more about, things of that sort. Try not to get caught up thinking of blog ideas on what you think will make you money that is not the proper approach and from the start will set you on a tougher path.


Do – When thinking of a blog topic, focus on your likes and interests. You will want to write/blog about topics that is of interest for you and you are knowledgeable about it. Bring any experience you have from your personal (up to you how far you want to share) or work life and figure out what you’ll feel most comfortable writing about.

Don’t – Do not try to think of ideas that you THINK will make you the most money. At this point, the money should not be the main focus. Rather, you are building a solid foundation for your long term blog. If you write about what interest you, it will show through your blogging and your readership can only increase. If you force yourself to write about what you think will make you the most money, that too will show in your writing and as we will learn later, CONTENT is KING. If not content and interest is not there, the blog will surely suffer.

In the next post we will discuss more of the basics of making money through blogging.

Thanks for reading! Til next time…

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